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Advocate: How to Choose Lawyers and Attorneys?

Are you seeking the help of an Advocate or otherwise called Attorney ?. In the first place, you must choose a lawyer who can solve the issue. Indeed, He must specialize in a specific area of law practice.

Only such Attorneys will understand your issue and solve it instantly and permanently. In fact, “Continuous Practice makes professionals perfect” is the slogan for success.

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Specific areas of Law practice either in a Court or a Tribunal on a regular basis will help him to acquire a great knowledge of that particular law and legal aspects. What is the role of an Attorney?

Working as an Advocate involves the practicing application of abstract legal theories as well as knowledge to resolve specific personal issues. In fact, It may be in advance the interests of those who hire Attorneys to perform legal services. The role of an Attorney differs across various legal jurisdictions.

Right to determine who is admitted as a solicitor

In practice, legal jurisdictions exercise their right to determine who is admitted as a solicitor. As a result, the meaning of the term “Advocate” may vary from location to location. Some jurisdictions have two kinds of lawyers, attorneys, and lawyers, while others fuse the two. A lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in a higher court appearance. Who is a Lawyer? The lawyer is an attorney to prepare the case and advising on legal subjects

An Advocate/lawyer is an attorney who is responsible to prepare the case and advising on legal subjects and can represent people in the lower courts. Both attorneys and lawyers have gone through law school, completing the necessary practical training. However, in jurisdictions where there are split professions, only Advocates claim to be members of the bar association respectively.

High Court Practicing Advocate

In comparison to other Practicing Attorneys, the Advocates in Chennai especially those practicing in the High court will have good knowledge. They owe the legal skill since they will handle a variety of cases every day. What is the basic qualification to practice as an Attorney?

A lawyer must enroll in the Bar Council in that state and Must pass all India Bar Exam. This is the basic qualification to practice as an Attorney. Law graduates who are residents and completed their studies in Tamil Nadu can enroll in the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Besides that, training in specific courts and developing document drafting skills are most essential. Most of all, Problem-solving skills are unique talents that must be learned step by step. Sorting out the issues until resolving is more on the logical side than Law. So practical problem-solving skills must be inbuilt for the Legal professionals to handle various cases.

High Court Practicing Advocate in Chennai

Law Practice

An Advocate can expertise in multiple area of law practice if it has inter connection. For instance, An Arbitration Lawyer will practice in National Company Law tribunal and handle economical offense wing cases in Criminal Courts.

In any case, these areas are inter linked. So, the Corporate Advocate will have a role of a Criminal Lawyer, Arbitration advocate and Intellectual property attorney. One more vital service in resolving issues is Counseling services.

What is the legal advice?. It is nothing but advice to a client on the application of abstract legal principles to the facts of the specific case. Of course, The advice involves what they should do next. In India, only a properly Bar Council of India Enrolled Advocate can give legal advice to clients for good consideration, even if no claim is or is underway. Therefore, even conveyancers and corporate in-house lawyers must first obtain membership in the Bar Council of India to practice, even though they may actually spend very little of their career on the court. Failure to make them compliant rules is a crime of unauthorized practice of law.

Hourly fees vs Retainer fees

Lawyers in private practice generally work in specialized businesses known as law firms, with the exception of Indian lawyers. Most law firms across the globe are small Legal businesses that range in size from 1 to 10 lawyers.

Lawyers charge fees for their legal work in many ways. In private practice, they can work for an hourly fee in accordance with the structure of billable hours, contingency fees (usually in cases involving personal injury), or a lump sum payment if this problem is simple.

Typically, most lawyers negotiate a written agreement upfront fee and may require a refundable retainer in advance. By the way, Recent research has shown that when Advocates charge fixed fees and not Per hour basis. In fact, they work less hard on behalf of the client and the client gets poorer outcomes. In many countries, there is a cost-shifting arrangement where the loser must pay the winner and fees.

What do you mean by Enrolling with the Bar Council ?. It means that the holder of a law degree has recognition as an Advocate and is needed to maintain professional standards of conduct and demeanor at all times, either on and off the profession. The Bar Council of India also set the “Rules of Conduct” to be observed by the Advocate in the courts, while interacting with clients and even vice versa.

Senior Advocate in India

All Advocates in India are on the same level and are recognized as such. The distinction, if any, was made only on the basis of seniority, which means the length of the practice at the Bar. In recognition of the practice of law and specializes in the field of law, there is the concept of status conferral Senior Advocate. How to find the Advocates practicing before High Courts and the Supreme Court?

Advocates can be recognized by the High Court (in the case of an advocate practicing before the High Court) or the Supreme Court (in the case of an advocate practicing before the Supreme Court). First of all, The status conferral Senior Advocate not only implies a distinction and fame of the Attorney. Meanwhile, it also needs a Senior Attorney to follow a higher standard of practice and various other rules.

All India Bar Examination – AIBE

Also, the Senior Advocate is not allowed to interact directly with the client. He can only take the pants of another advocate and argue on the basis of details provided by them. From 2010 onwards the rules must be made to a lawyer fainted from 2009-10 to sit for the test evaluation AIBE named (All India Bar Examination) for one to qualify as an advocate and practice in court. What are the rules and norms to practice law before the Supreme Court of India ?. The Advocate must first appear to and qualified in the Supreme Court Advocate on Record Examination conducted by the Supreme Court. Let us find the Article 217 and 124 of the Indian Constitution to the High Court and the Supreme Court

Furthermore, under the structure of the Constitution, there is a provision for the Advocate elevation as a judge of the High Court and Supreme Court. The only need for an Advocate is, he must have ten years standing in front of the High Courts or practice in the Supreme Court to qualify for such. (Article 217 and 124 of the Indian Constitution to the High Court and the Supreme Court respectively). What is an important aspect of the work of Lawyers?.

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An important aspect of the work of lawyers is to develop and manage the relationship with the client (or the client’s employees, if a lawyer working at home to government or corporate). Let us see the Client-lawyer relationship

The client-lawyer relationship is described in six steps. First, the relationship starts with an intake interview where the lawyer gets to know the client personally. The second step is to find the facts of the client’s case. The third is to clarify what the client wants to achieve. The fourth step is where the client’s attorney forms expectations as to what can actually be achieved.

The second to last step began to develop various claims or defenses to the client. Finally, the lawyer explains his or her cost to the client.

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Contact Appellate Lawyers office for the best Legal Services in Chennai which is one of the leading Law firms in India.