India is one of the most legally active countries in the first place. In fact, Thousands of lawyers graduate every year !. There are many criminal lawyers in Chennai, who can turn the criminal case around with their quick-wit as well as strong arguments.

Find a criminal lawyer who will advocate and fight

Find a criminal lawyer who will advocate and fight

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, then the first thing you need to do is find an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Criminal attorneys can defend you in cases not only of domestic violence, but also drug sale or possession, assault, firearms offenses, and various misdemeanors and felonies. If you are found guilty you can face penalties or fines, probation, and possible jail time as a matter of fact. With this in mind, You need not face the consequences alone. Find a criminal lawyer who will advocate and fight for you in reality.

Who is a Criminal lawyer ?.

Criminal law is a complex field in contrast. Criminal lawyers or criminal defense lawyers are the solicitors who defend their clients who are accused of criminal charges. At the same time, They work with people accused of a crime and represent their cases in criminal court.

Good Criminal Attorney to Quash false cases

Criminal lawyers spend most of their time analyzing the information, gathering facts, filing the necessary legal paperwork relating to the case, and attending hearings. A criminal Attorney applies for an anticipatory bail or a regular bail when his client has been arrested by the police. A good criminal Advocate can get false cases quashed by all means.

Good criminal Advocate to Quash false cases

FIR quashed by the Magistrate!

What does a Criminal lawyer do ?.  What is his role in criminal cases against his clients?

A criminal lawyer plays multiple roles during the trial period of a criminal proceeding against his client. A best criminal lawyer can win the case for his client by:

(1) Thorough Investigation of the case, analysis of the available evidence, and finding relevant witnesses for his client’s case.
(2) Supporting his arguments with strong case laws, statutes, reports, and procedural laws.
(3) Building a foolproof defense and designing a case strategy.
(4) Presenting strong arguments and negotiating with the prosecution.
(5) Drafting and filing strong arguments.

Skills that a Criminal Advocate must have:

Indeed, It is important to consult the best Criminal Advocate in India for your case to find the best legal remedy for your case. A Criminal defense lawyer can easily solve your legal problems by filing a counter case in the light of fact. He can otherwise send reply to a case filed against you in case of a false case against you like false cheque bounce case,dowry harassment, 498A case, defamation case, etc. Through his well-built arguments he can get the sentence reduced or turn around a court’s decision by filing an appeal.

The following are the important skills a criminal has to possess

  1. Communication Skills: At this point, the best criminal lawyer must have good communication skills. In any case, He has to discuss deeply with his client and obtain facts and information and present his client’s case to the judge.
  2. Investigative Skills: A good criminal lawyer has to investigate the events that took place and look for evidence. Witnesses can be relevant to the case as well.
  3. Research skills: A criminal lawyer must be able to support his arguments with good legal research. He can support his case with the relevant case laws, precedents, statutes, etc.
  4. Legal Knowledge: A criminal defense lawyer must have in-depth knowledge or all criminal laws, procedural laws, rules, etc.
Sources of obtaining leads about a best criminal defense lawyer in Chennai
  • Family members or friends
  • A local bar association’s lawyer referral panel
  • Courthouse visits
  • Online
  • Legal review sites
Through the above sources you may have a long list of criminal defense lawyers in town.

Be prepared with the questions to ask like:

  • “Do you have any experience handling cases similar to mine?”
  • “How much of my criminal case will you actually handle?”
  • “What are your attorney’s fees, and how are they calculated? Do you offer a payment plan?”
  • “How many jury trials have you litigated?”
  • “How often do you work out plea agreements or ask for a lesser charge?”
  • “Would you be willing to provide references from clients you’ve helped?”
Leading Criminal Lawyers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Leading criminal lawyers in Chennai

When finding a criminal lawyer use every available resource to find the right fit. Your future depends on the effectiveness of your criminal lawyer in like manner. Even for a minor criminal case likewise, if proven guilty, would have great impact on your job, credit or immigration status. By the same token, We know it is quiet stressful in having a criminal case against you. But it is equally important to do your research and equip your defense by finding an effective criminal attorney.