PMLA - Money Laundering Case Lawyers in Chennai
PMLA - Money Laundering Case Lawyers in Chennai

PMLA: How to Choose the Best Money Laundering Case Lawyers?

Appellate Lawyers Office panel of Senior Attorneys effectively handle the law and recovery under the PMLA. Firstly, Senior Lawyers for Money Laundering Cases provide Legal support for recovery directly from the appeal/representation stage. They Practice and appear before the Appeal Court, New Delhi, High Courts etc., Moreover, These Legal Guidance / Assistance is for temporary attachments, seizure of property/documents etc. The panel also specializes in handling the trial of violations scheduled and complaints of prosecution before a special court based on the provisions of PMLA.

What is money Laundering under PMLA?

PMLA seeks to fight money laundering in India and has three main objectives:

  1. To prevent and control money laundering
  2. To confiscate and seize property obtained from washed money;
  3. And To deal with other problems related to money laundering in India.

Proceeds of crime

When money or wealth, in any form, is produced or passed down through illegal means or source injected into the mainstream of finance it properly disguises the source of money or wealth as legal with a series of malformed processes and money laundering cases are made. In other words, money or wealth obtained through illegal or criminal or criminal processes in terms of “violations scheduled” referred to as “proceeds of crime” under PMLA.

Scheduled violations

Violations listed in the schedule for preventing money laundering, 2002 are “Scheduled Violations”.

Predicate violation

Every violation scheduled is a predicate violation which is a prerequisite for starting an investigation of concealment violations.

Burden of Proof

The burden of proof to prove that the alleged proceeds of crime are the result of valid sources lies in the defendant.

Support from competent Money Laundering Case advocates | PMLA Lawyers

Are you a sincere person, who mistakenly rotates for investigations under the PMLA and provides a burden of proof? Meanwhile, Do you require support from competent and promising Money Laundering Case Advocates? Do you need to place all facts and numbers in the right presentation in front of authorities who prosecute and the appeal court to prove themselves not guilty?

Contact the Best Money Laundering Case Lawyers

Appellate Lawyers Office is the Best Corporate Law firm for premium Legal Services in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. In fact, They have a panel of legal and financial experts. They are the Best Financial Dispute Lawyers. Of course, these Attorneys are competent, endless, and promise to deal with litigation under the PMLA. Their Legal Services start from the investigation/peak stage, temporary attachment to confirm attachment before the adjudicating authority, PMLA, New Delhi.

Other Legal Info

Exposure to the department puts Appellate Lawyers Office in a favourable position in understanding the legal provisions, assessing the authenticity of the client and presenting cases in the correct perspective in the relevant legal forum.