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Bankruptcy Legal services in Chennai India

Bankruptcy Legal Services: How to find the best Law firm?

Find the best Law firm for Bankruptcy services

Find the best Law firm for Bankruptcy services

Top 10 Company Advocates in India

In any case, A debtor can be a person or a company. At this point, The creditor is an organization or a concern that claims the money, or property. By the way, They try to use and check the debtors’ assets to repay the debt or a part of the debt. Meanwhile, they give a chance to the creditor to clear the debt payment using the asset. Above all, Debtors do this before filing for Insolvency. Bankruptcy Lawyers in Chennai will help you to execute. Actually, Company attorneys in our Law firm are best among the Top 10 Bankruptcy Advocates in India. 

Top 10 Company Advocates in India

How to File a Bankruptcy Case in Chennai?

As a matter of fact, Bankruptcy advocates in Saravanan & Sathish Advocates law firm work round the clock to offer the best legal services in Chennai. At any rate, To file the Insolvency case the following details of debts, assets, income, expenses are must.

Discharge of debts and payment plan: Most of all, Debts are not paid by the creditors in full. there are two types of bankruptcy they are namely discharge of debts and payment plan. Without a doubt, The creditors need not agree with the plan but once agreed it is easily accepted by the trustee and the judge if it is considered to be a fair and reasonable option.

What are all the debts which do not come under Bankruptcy ?.

Below given debts does not include in this category

  • Students loan
  • Government debts like taxes, fines and Penalties
  • Child support
  • Purchase of expensive items

Filing for bankruptcy

By and large, Bankruptcy is a white-collar crime. The following things are First and foremost under scrutiny when concealing bank property when filing for Insolvency

  • Failing to list an asset on the bankruptcy schedule to prevent it.
  • Failing to disclose the transfer of property before Insolvency.
  • Providing a false document.
  • Destroying or withholding a document.
  • Making a false statement in an Insolvency document.

Information required to report bankruptcy

  • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address.*
  • Name and address of the reporting concern.
  • The name of the bankruptcy case, case number, and location of the case to file.
  • Identification of the concern or the person involved.
  • Description of the activity of how the fraudulent action took place.
  • Amount of the unreported income.
  • Details of the reporting person.

Criminal Lawyers for Business Bankruptcy :

Corporate Advocates in Saravanan & Sathish advocates law firm offer litigation services for all company matters. Insolvency usually refers as liquidation where the reconstruction of the business is not feasible. In the same way, Where the business do not have any substantial assets. Usually the business is dissolved.

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Best White Collar Crime Lawyers in Chennai

In these cases, a trustee is appointed to take over the possession of the assets of the business and they distribute them among the creditors. On the other hand, Where the trustee is also paid and the case is dissolved or discharged. Similarly, Where the owner of the business overcomes the debts. In conclusion, Where the partnership will not come to end at any cost. Find the best White Collar Crime lawyers in Chennai.

A corporate lawyer for Business Reorganization: The business is to reorganize by appointing a trustee and continuing its business. The trustee can be the owner of the company. The reorganization plan of the company is to share and discuss with the creditors and get approval if they are dully considered to be fair and acceptable by the creditors. Search for the best corporate lawyer for Business reorganization.

Personal Bankruptcy Advocates in Chennai

Personal Bankruptcy Advocates in Chennai: This type of Insolvency is under reserve for consumers and the court deals with how to solve the debt issue and it depends on the income of the person also the number of assets you have. Senior Advocates in Chennai High will offer the best litigation services for personal bankruptcy.

Discharge from Bankruptcy legal services: The debtor receives the discharge order where he need not pay any of his debts legally. The creditor need not do any action like making phone calls, sending SMS, etc. But all the debts may not qualify for discharge. Contact top company legal consultants to solve all bankruptcy issues.

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Find the Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Chennai India

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