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Law Firms For Credit Card Loan Harassment in Chennai?

One of the most important legal aspects in any society. India is no exception when it comes to the subject of law firms. A number of credit card consumers have recently filed a case against several prominent and experienced collection agents in Chennai. This is mostly for harassing them with harassing phone calls.

The issue that arose during the course of the settlement process. It is whether the settlement firm was acting as an agent for the credit card issuer or whether the firm was acting as a separate entity and as such entitled to take the full credit card debt relief option. In such circumstances, the Supreme Court had to rule on this issue. And hence, there are certain aspects related to such harassment cases which need to be highlighted in this regard.

How to Deal With the Credit Card Issuer

The Supreme Court has rightly pointed out that it is not proper to consider the settlement firm as an entity or a separate entity. Rather it should be considered as one of the creditors who has been victimized due to the credit card issuing companies. However, as per the order passed by the court, it is the duty of the creditor to identify whether the firm which is dealing with the same matter is acting as an agent or as a separate entity. In other words, the credit card issuers can now make up their own mind regarding whether they will provide a settlement deal to the individual if it is being said that the firm is acting as an independent entity and has taken full credit card debt relief option.

At the same time, it is also not appropriate for credit card issuers to question the legitimacy of the firm that has been assigned to the same case. Therefore, credit card companies cannot demand a specific amount of settlement from the firms and in such a scenario, the firms have to remain steadfast, even under severe pressure to make a settlement deal in the case, so that their reputation remains intact.

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Contact Lawyers for credit card loan harassment cases in Chennai

Contact Law firms for credit card loan harassment in Chennai. Collection Agents or Banks must stay away from the telephonic harassment method. The Collection agents must avoid the entire harassment method. The legal team of the Bank has instructed to stick to a single approach mode of dealing with the creditors and not harass them on the telephone. Legal Consultation is a must for every case to minimize the legal issue. Business Legal Advisory for Credit Card Loan Harassment will make your transaction smooth and protect you from losses.

In this regard, credit card consumers must file a complaint against the Bank collection agency that is using harassment methods against them. Therefore, the Bank collection agency must act with utmost caution while dealing with credit card issuers and it will be better for them to follow the instructions of the top court order and avoid any kind of harassment. Find and Avail the Best Criminal Advocates’ Legal Advice Instantly