Best Law firm for Company Registration services. Start your Business with the help of Business Lawyers. Consultants to register companies in Chennai, India
Best Law firm for Company Registration services. Start your Business with the help of Business Lawyers. Consultants to register companies in Chennai, India

Company Registration Services: How to register the Business?

Company Registration Services: If you are planning to start a business and looking for company registration services at an Appellate Lawyers Office, there are several steps involved in the process. Firstly, you should decide on the type of company structure that best suits your business needs, such as a private limited company, limited liability partnership, or sole proprietorship. Secondly, you should obtain the necessary documents and information, such as the company name, registered office address, directors’ details, and shareholding pattern. Thirdly, you should file the registration application with the Registrar of Companies and pay the prescribed fees. Fourthly, you should obtain the certificate of incorporation and other registration documents, such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Lastly, you should ensure compliance with the ongoing legal and regulatory requirements, such as maintaining proper books of accounts, filing annual returns, and conducting regular board meetings. By following these steps and seeking the guidance of experienced legal professionals, you can register your business smoothly and avoid any legal complications in the future.


Entrepreneurs face a tough challenge when establishing their business or company registration. They need to comply with legal requirements in addition to business launch. Entrepreneurs would like to register their business without any legal hassle. It is possible by law firms and professionals like Lawyers, solicitors, CA or CS.

How to register a Private Limited company in Chennai?

How to register Private Limited company in Chennai ?

The following are the simple flawless steps for private limited company Registration in Chennai, India

Step 1: Obtain Digital Signature Certificate(DSC):

Digital Signature Certificates help in authenticating the identity and the personal information details of the certificate holder while conducting online transactions. Commonly known as DSC, you can get it from the Certifying Authority in token form and is valid for 1 or 2 years.

Online registration procedure for company incorporation

Of course, With a growing number of businesses and transactions online, the use of DSC becomes invariably important e-forms on the online portal of MCA must be there with DSC as the Ministry recommends online Company registration procedure & incorporation and other applications.

List of Documents for Digital Signature Certificate:
  • Applicant’s Passport size photograph
  • Address proof of applicant duly attested
  • PAN card of the applicant with attestation

An attesting officer can be a Group A/B Gazetted officer, Bank manager or authorized executive, Post Master etc

Step 2: To get the Director Identification Number

MCA assigns the Director Identification Number which is a unique number. They allow the number which will be for while life by the Ministry till you surrender or withdraw. By the way, A person should have DIN to become a director of a company.

Which are all the documents in need to apply for DIN?

  • Applicant’s Passport size photograph
  • Self-attested Applicant’s Address proof
  • Self-attested Applicant’s PAN card

Step 3: Check Company Name And Apply Online for company registration

MCA portal provides web-form RUN (Reserve Unique Name), whereby the applicant using its login credential can apply for the desirable name for Company Registration. Moreover, alternate two names can be in use at the preferential order in a given service.

Applicable Government Fees

In any case, if none of the names is approved by the Registrar, the applicant is given another chance to provide the other two names, as desired by the company. In case, the names in re-submission are also not accepted, the applicant shall apply freshly by paying applicable Government Fees.

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Provisions of name availability

The application of name reservation will be in the process through the search of name availability by the professionals, to check whether any other company/ LLP are already under registration with the same name or Registration of a trademark or not. Further, the name in the application must also be in line with the provisions of name availability.

The available name in his application will be in reserve for the specific application for a period of 20 days starting from the date of the Name Approval Letter. The applicant must complete the following steps within the given time for company registration with the same name.

Some hints to choose a great name for the company :
  • The name must be easily Memorizable and spelt.
  • The name should give a distinct identity to the company
  • It must be Simple & short.
  • The name must never contain words which are under objection to the policy of the public or prohibited;
  • It must not infringe the previous registered Trademark nor shall be identical or similar to any LLP firm /company.

Step 4: Incorporation Certificate

Once the company name is in the reservation stage, important documents like MoA & AoA and other essential documents must be ready.

MoA as well as AoA are the main charter document for a Pvt Ltd Company. Meanwhile, The company’s Memorandum of Association must contain details about the Company’s scope of operations by enumerating the main activities and objectives of the company.

No doubt, the Articles of Association show in what manner the administration and operations will be in implementation. Both documents have vital importance and drafting must be in progress with care after getting a professional legal consultation.

MOA & AOA are there along with the application for incorporation duly signed with DSC.

Documents to submit along with the Application

  • Latest 3 months’ Utility Bill as well as NOC from the owner of the Company’s Registered Office address.
  • Rental Agreement of registered office
  • Form dir 2 – Permission to act as a Director
  • Form INC 9- Declaration & Affidavit by the director(s) and first subscriber(s) in form duly notarized and franked first subscribers and directors.
  • first subscribers and directors self-attested Identity proof which must be a Certified True copy

Stamp Duty and Requisite Government Fees

The Stamp Duty and requisite Government Fees as applicable are payable upon successful uploading of e-forms online. TAN & PAN are also applied in the same form.

Upon verification and review of the application, the Registrar to his satisfaction may issue the Certificate of Incorporation under his seal and signature in electronic form. The Certificate of Incorporation will have the date of incorporation as well as the Permanent Account Number of the company.

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The Private Limited Company indeed comes into existence in the eyes of law on receipt of Certificate of Incorporation. The promoters and directors may now commence the business activities in the company. Also, the amount of subscribed and paid-up share capital shall be deposited in the Current Account in the name of the company. Consult our Company advocates in Chennai to start your business.

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The Pvt Ltd Company registration in India can be hassle-free through professional consultation. The promoters and directors’ duty is to the active status of the company by compliance with the provisions of the company and by filing the annual returns and forms as prescribed by Indian Companies Act, 2013.