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Contested Divorce cases: The Best Advocates Battling for Equality

Find the Best Divorce Case Lawyers for Contested Divorce cases in Chennai India. Choose the Family Court Lawyers practicing in the Chennai Appellate Lawyers Office, Mogappair West, Chennai 600037. Top-Rated Family Court Law Firm in Madras High Court, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Consult with a Senior Divorce Case Attorneys today to resolve the Family dispute today


At times, despite our best efforts, life took a turn for the worst. We may want different things from life, but life has its own plans as well. A bad marriage is something that hope does not exist. But in time, that is what we get and forcibly face head-on.

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The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 provides two ways to get a divorce from your spouse:

  • Contested Divorce under Section 13 of the Act
  • Mutual Consent Divorce under Article 13-B of the Act

Procedures for Contested Divorce per Hindu Marriage Act in India

I’ve already talked about the Procedures for Mutual Consent Divorce in one of my previous articles. Today I will talk about Procedures for Contested Divorce per Hindu Marriage Act in India.

Of course, the easiest way to get a divorce is by Mutual Consent of husband and wife. However, at times, in a state which is not easy, the situation is not easy. And the other pair itself may not be easy to deal with as well. In this case, the only remaining option is to file a contested divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act. Find the best Family Court Lawyers for Contested divorce cases in Chennai, India.

Family Court

A couple can not file for divorce Contested cite any reason it deems good enough to legally separated from his / her partner. There are specific reasons set out under the Hindu Marriage Act. And just below the base, you can file a Contested Divorce in the Family Court.

One’s journey towards gaining Contested Divorce will begin with a consultation Divorce Lawyer credible option. people will need to explain all the details so that the marital situation Divorce Lawyer can advise properly according to the law and the best interests of the person.

List of Documents

Next, Divorce Lawyers are in need to prepare a Divorce Petition. It must be in accordance with facts and circumstances narrated and explained by people looking for a Contested Divorce. The application should be accompanied by all relevant documents relating to the proof of marriage. And also the supporting documents of the allegations made in the petition for Divorce.

Once the application is over, the person must sign the petition, supporting affidavits, Vakalatnama, etc. in the presence of an authorized Oath Commissioner / Notary Public.

After completion of all formalities, You must file the Divorce Petition with the Court in accordance with the divorce attorney, according to the applicable jurisdiction.

Typically, the Contested Divorce Petition will be ready for hearing within 7-10 days from the date of filing. However, it may take several days or more to get on the list is subject to the workload of the court hearing the divorce case.

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Now, before the actual divorce process can begin, Divorce Petition itself needs court recognition. On the first hearing, the judge will carefully study the petition. Then he will hear the opening arguments of the Divorce Lawyer of the allegations in the petition. This will be on the basis of the grounds on which the Contested Divorce is being sought.

After the Court’s satisfaction, in the beginning, this case seems to be carrying some weight. Of course, it needs a correct decision. Then the Court will issue an official notification of cases to the opposite side. Furthermore, the opposite side will receive a copy of the notice together with the application.

On the next date of hearing, the opposite side must appear in person along with Family Court lawyers. And also they must file a reply to the Petition of Divorce. The other side must file a reply to any application (usually for maintenance or custody of children) that may have been filed together with the application for divorce.

Resolve the dispute between the parties

In the early stages of the case, the Court will try to resolve the dispute between the parties. It will also direct the parties to appear before a mediator for a peaceful solution to their marital problems.

In the case of a fruitless mediation session and the issue between the parties is not solved, the Court will continue to further the process of divorce.

If the application for the proposed maintenance (usually) by the wife, the Court will first decide applications so as to ensure the financial security of the wife during the wait for the results of a Divorce Petition.

Chief Examination and cross-examination of witnesses

Furthermore, the Court will proceed to the framing of issues and record evidence. Chief Examination and cross-examination of witnesses the Applicant and his supporters will be recorded first, followed by the examination-in-chief and cross-examination of witnesses the Respondent and his supporters.

This is the most important stage of the whole case. It has the potential to make or break a case. Therefore, the stage of recording evidence usually takes a lot of time and a lot of hearings to conclude.

After the evidence from both sides has been recorded, Divorce Lawyers for both sides will be needed to cope with their final closing arguments before the Court. Next, the Court will set a date to be announced her decision.

In this case, the decision passed by the Court cannot be accepted by one of the parties, what is next? The parties may file an appeal against the Order within a period of 3 months from the date of order.

What is the Divorce Case Lawyers Fees for Contested Divorce cases?

What is the Cost, Legal Fees, or the Charges of Divorce Case Lawyers for the Contested Divorce cases? It will be on the basis of the Work hours and effort of the Legal Team. Here the Fees for the Experienced Advocate may vary according to our Seniors which are not the same for all the Attorneys.

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The High Court and Supreme Court Attorneys for the Contested Divorce cases normally charge more. They are seniors with high qualifications and expertise. Firstly Get a Basic Free Legal Consultation of 5 to 10 minutes for the Contested Divorce cases. Then thereafter the Law firm can decide the other Consultation and Litigation fees on the Contested Divorce cases.

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