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Udyam: Guide to register companies

What is Udyam?. How to Register it?. What is the process of its Registration?. What are all the benefits of Udyam Registration?. Who Can Guide you to register it?. Find the Best Consultants for Company Registration in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The central government recently notified new norms to allow online registration of new companies based on statements themselves, doing away the need to upload documents and certificates, from July 1st, 2020.

Guide to register in Udyam

Let some of the basics of the way first: what company registration agency to do is to help the process of an enterprise to establish their particular company formation services.

The first step in setting up a new business is to register your business name. Smooth and sleek. everything sounds like the wind.
What is Udyam?. How to Register it?. What is the process of its Registration?. What are all the benefits of Udyam Registration?. Who Can Guide you to register it?. Find the Best Consultants for Company Registration in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

So either you will be branching into existing business in a new location or setting up new businesses altogether, company registration agents will all be present throughout your process. Or better yet, the first step towards complete your registration.

Apply your registration to Companies Hub

In India, if you plan on being set up business there, you need to apply your registration to Companies House. They will ask you to fill out and submit the application form along with other required documents. The registration process will include items that will confuse you if you will not take special assistance. So get your records updated and a list of anything you need. Make it a habit. This will save huge time and effort.

UDYAM well-integrated with the income tax and GST

It did away with the requirement to upload certificates and documents. As per Govt Notification, the norm can be left as the registration process Udyam is well-integrated with the official Sites of income tax and GST. In addition, details of eating in can be checked after using the PAN and GSTIN detail.

Registration on the basis of Adhaar Card number

An official statement said that a company can be registered only on the basis of Aadhaar Card number. More details can be given by self-declaration without need to upload or send the paper, so that is a paperless practice in the true sense.

Meaning of Udyam as the meaning of the word ‘Enterprise’,

Now MSMEs will be officially called “Udyam”. The Meaning is just closer to the word ‘Enterprise’, and thus the registration process will be recognized as Udyam Registration.

Udyam Registration Number | Meaning of Udyam as the meaning of the word 'Enterprise'

Udyam Registration Number

“A company has Udyam Registration Number will update the information online at Portal which includes the details of ITR and GST Return for the previous financial year and any other additional information as may be required, on the basis of self-declaration,” a notification in respect of updating information and transition period of the word.

For classifying an enterprise into an MSME, investment in plant and machinery or equipment as well as turnover is taken into account.

Process of Udyam registration

Also, for the calculation of the turnover whether the enterprise is Tiny, micro, small, medium, or the exporters of goods or services or both shall not be accounted for.

“The Registration Process can be done online via the portal that will be published to the public before 1st July 2020, the date from which this new arrangement is going to be effective,” the statement said.

As per the Previous notification, MSMEs will be distinguished on the basis of investment and turnover from July 1, 2020.

Ministry of Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises, Govt of India

“In case of any Complaint or discrepancy, the General Manager of the District Industries Centre of the concerned District shall undertake an inquiry to verify the details of Udyam Registration submitted by the enterprise and thereafter forward the matter with necessary remarks to the Director or Commissioner or Industry Secretary concerned of the State Government who after issuing a notice to the enterprise and after giving a chance to present its case and based on the views, may amend the details or suggest to the Ministry of Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises, the Indian Government, for cancellation of the Udyam Registration Certificate,” the notification said.

Contact the Best Consultants for Udyam Registration

Contact the Best Consultants for Udyam Registration in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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FAQ about Udyam

What is Udyam?

Udyam is a simple Registration process for startups and MSMEs in India

How to Register it?

The Method to Register in Udyam is quite simple. With the Aadhar based verification as well as a Self-declaration, Udyam Registration Number will be issued thereafter you can download the Certificates.

What are all the benefits of Registering your Firm in Udyam?.

If you would like to avail of the following benefits SMEs / MSMEs Subsidy / Low-Interest Loan / Collateral Free Loan / etc, you need to register under the new Udyam Registration Scheme.

1. The reduced Interest rate for loans
2. Subsidy in Barcode registration
3. Beneficial reservation policies in the manufacturing/ production sector
4. Government security deposit waiver (Useful while participating tenders)
5. Interest rate exemption on OD
6. Eligibility for CLCSS (credit linked capital subsidy scheme)
7. International trade fair special consideration
8. ISO certification fees reimbursement
9. Electricity bills concession
10. Stamp duty and registration fees waiver
11. Direct tax laws rules exemption
12. NSIC performance and credit rating fees subsidy
13. Obtain licenses, registrations, and approvals Easily
14. Collateral free loans from banks
15. Patent registration subsidy
16. IPS subsidy eligibility

What is the Due Date for Registration of Udyam?

According to the latest amendment of Law, all MSMEs must register/convert to new Udyam Registration. The Govt has given a new maturity date which extends up to 31 Mar 2021. This Conveys that all MSMEs must register/convert on or before March 31, 2021, to enjoy the benefits of MSMEs/SMEs.

Which is the authority of the government for this Registration?

The Central Govt on the suggestion of the Advisory Committee on behalf of the notification of this is doing certain criteria to classify a company as small and medium micro-enterprises. By the way, These are all under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.